How it works


How YachtQuarters works

YachtQuarters works through bringing a group of owners together in a combined ownership structure. Each yacht ownership structure stays in force for four years, after which time, the yacht will be sold and the ownership structure dissolved.

At the end of the four-year period, owners have the option either to dissolve the ownership structure, or continue with a new yacht.


A 25% share in the programme entitles each owner to eight weeks on board every year.

Two Summer weeks

Four Spring/Autumn weeks

Two off-season weeks
(March and November)


Throughout the lifetime of the programme, your yacht – your investment – will be cared for and safeguarded by the best in the business. Our aftercare provision for your yacht is world class. The upkeep and technical operation of the vessel is undertaken by a team that has the global resources, industry contacts and the technical expertise to maintain your motor yacht impeccably.


Your yacht will be crewed by two permanent  professionals; a captain and a combined chef/ steward/deckhand. Depending on your individual cruising schedule and the number of guests on board, a third crew member can be assigned.

Your crew will be hand-picked by us. They are an integral aspect of your time aboard, so that over time, you’ll become as familiar with them as they are with you.